Bugging In Blog Series Introduction

Bugging In Blog Series Introduction

Prepping...The word alone still carries thoughts of crazy families spending their well earned vacation time down in the bunker perfecting their skills to survive the great Apocalypse.  That stigma has created many to be closet preppers.  But as this community grows I see more and more people breaking out and having a discussion around a wide variety of topics surrounding prepping.

When I personally look at prepping, I do have a SHTF situation in the back of my mind but there are so many other circumstances that require a little bit of work to be prepared for.  And while much of the prepping community is heavily focused on a SHTF scenario which evolves into a bugging out discussion, I have really had this urge to start this blog series about the number of other situations we could find ourselves in and the result being a bugging in situation.

Now I am no beginner on this journey but I would not jump on some forum board and proclaim my expertise either.  I would put myself right down the middle.  I have some of the skills needed to execute this plan but the list that is ahead of me is very large indeed.

My goal with this blog series is to get myself organized.  To look at the large subject matter and create a flow.  To take what knowledge and equipment I have right now and start to put the puzzle pieces together.  

I look forward to everyone that will join me in this experience and the collaboration we can all benefit from.  So all you crazies keep in touch and lets start this thing.



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