About us

Preparation.  We cannot function in this world without some form of preparation in our lives.  The majority of us prepare for what we know will happen during the day or what problems we can expect to happen to us on a normal day.  Now answer this question...? How many people do you know that are next level with their preparation and have actually taken steps in their lives to prepare for an extended event?  An emergency event that requires them to fall back on the skills and planning that a good prepper has.  Those events could be a power outage, a natural disaster, economic turmoil or a lost job.  It could also be as small as your furnace going out in the middle of winter, or a water main bursting in your neighborhood.  An event could also happen to you while outdoors on a hunting or hiking trip.  Do you have the skills to make it through the night or potentially three nights?

The fact that you are here visiting this site shows that you are at that next level in preparation.   If you are a long time prepper or just getting started, we have built this website for you.  We will continue to provide you with quality products that fit your preparation style.  We know that no two preppers are alike and strive to keep options open for you.  

At prepstockpile we are passionate about prepping and obtaining survival skills.  We hope that you will join us on our social media sites and live this experience with us.