Esbit Titanium Pot 750ml

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The Esbit Titanium Pot is an ultralight option for boiling water or cooking food on any fast and light adventure. The 25 oz. pot has 2 hinged grips and a lid with a lockable grip. The pot is large enough to store an Esbit Titanium Stove and some solid fuel tablets (both sold separately) inside the the pot, saving you space in your pack.
  • Constructed from ultralight titanium.
  • 25 oz. pot with 2 hinged grips and lid with lockable grip.
  • Titanium Stove and solid fuel tablets (both sold separately) can store inside pot.
    • Stores in included mesh bag.
    • Volume: 25 oz. (750 ml)
    • Dimensions-packed: 4.3" x 3.9" (11 cm x 10 cm)